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There’s something special about the old fashioned atmosphere of a candy shop. With shelves full of delectable chocolates, toffee, gummies and other sweet treats, these stores can bring you back to your childhood.

While many might associate these candy shops with a bygone era, one Chicago-area mainstay affords customers the opportunity to jump back in time.

A family enjoys the historic streets of Long Grove and visits Ma and Pa’s Candy, a town favorite

For more than 30 years, Ma and Pa’s Candy, located in the Chicago suburb of Long Grove, has been serving the sweet needs of customers in Illinois. Ma and Pa’s is stocked to the roof with all sorts of delights for the whole family, including 50 varieties of handmade chocolate treats, specialty licorice flavors and colorful suckers. The store also caters to the nostalgic, with legendary products like Mallo Cup, Necco Wafers and Mary Janes among its collection of old favorites. The store truly offers something for every customer, including Kosher and gluten-free options.

Owner Sue Fanara’s passion for Ma and Pa’s makes the candy shop one of the go-to spots in beautiful Long Grove. Her store participates in celebrated local events and candy festivals, including the Long Grove Chocolate Fest each May. Sue prides herself on offering the same customer service that previously made candy shops a popular attraction for parents and children alike. The store is a great place to shop for gifts, and a must-visit destination for candy aficionados.

Ma and Pa’s proudly keeps the tradition of the specialty candy store alive in the Chicago & Beyond region. Friendly service and dedication to providing the finest treats for every taste make this shop a delightful place to jump back to childhood.

— The Illinois Office of Tourism

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