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Located right outside of Champaign, in the heartland of Illinois, is a family farm welcoming visitors with open arms and big smiles. Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery owners Wes Jarrell and Leslie Cooperband left behind their life in Madison, Wisconsin and embarked on a journey that is now a fully working farm, dairy, garden and orchard.

Goats at Prairie Fruits Farms and Creamery

Goats at Prairie Fruits Farms and Creamery

After hard work and dedication, Wes and Leslie grew Prairie Fruits Farm from a tiny seven-acre venture to what’s now a full-fledged sustainable agriculture endeavor, supplying products to Illinois’ top restaurants, like Effingham’s famed Firefly Grill. What’s more, the duo opens the door to their farm to visitors from all walks of life.

The Orchard at Prairie Fruits Farm

The Orchard at Prairie Fruits Farm

If you’re a curious foodie or simply someone looking for unique experience, a trip to Prairie Fruits Farm will not disappoint. Wes and Leslie offer different experiences for all seasons. In the spring, play with baby goats, witness the first sprouts of the season and see the orchard in full bloom. During the summer, pick berries or sweet peaches. Fall brings beautiful scenic views and the prairie goldenrod buzzing with honey bees.

And when you’re stopping by, don’t forget to try the delicious “Angel Food” and “Little Bloom on the Prairie” goat cheese, creamy farmstead gelato and tantalizing sorbetto. Or, make a reservation for “Dinners on the Farm,” and experience a true farm-to-table meal.

— The Illinois Office of Tourism

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