Step into a movie set at Illinois’ Americana Hollywood Museum

written by Enjoy Illinois on January 16, 2013 in Southern Illinois with one Comment

Imagine seeing Marilyn Monroe’s beauty supplies, costumes worn by Angelina Jolie and Elvis Presley’s guitars all in one place. The truly unique Americana Hollywood Museum, in Metropolis, is home to thousands of examples of kitschy memorabilia from past and present American movie icons.

When you step foot inside the Americana Hollywood Museum, you can tell it’s not your ordinary exhibit. Gigantic statues of beloved icons, original costumes, old-time movie posters and Americana collectables fill the museum.

The Americana Hollywood Museum and Super Museum collectables in Metropolis

The Americana Hollywood Museum and Super Museum collectables in Metropolis

If you’re a horror movie buff, the Americana Hollywood Museum will not disappoint. Relics from favorite villains are on hand, from Dracula and Frankenstein to Chucky, Freddie and Michael Myers. The museum even has The Phantom of the Opera figurines and Hannibal Lecter collectables.

Be sure to see the impressive collection of Elvis mementos, complete with photographs, clothing and a guitar played by the “King of Rock and Roll.” And don’t miss the Jimi Hendrix section, with its prized piece, the original lyrics to Purple Haze handwritten by Jimi himself.

After the museum, step outside for photo opportunities: pose with the Blues Brothers, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Hop on a pirate ship or pretend you are in the Old West.

Extend your star-filled adventure with a visit to the nearby Super Museum, and see collectables honoring the “Man of Steel.” The $5 admission fee to the Americana Hollywood Museum also gets you access to the museum dedicated to Superman, the town’s most-celebrated hero.

–The Illinois Office of Tourism