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Hungry travelers and foodies can get their fill on the Central Illinois Chili Trail, located in and around Springfield. Chili hot spots, such as Joe Rogers’ Original Recipe Chili Parlor, Joe’s Chili Bowl and Paul’s Confectionery, put their own unique spin on the spicy and hearty dish. Trail-goers can taste their way through the ultimate chili lineup and pick a favorite bowl!

Joe Rogers’ Original Recipe Chili Parlor

Joe Rogers’ Original Recipe Chili Parlor is famed as the No. 2 “Best Chili Spot in the Country” according to Bon Appétit magazine. Locals and visitors flock to the chili joint to try the flavor-filled masterpiece, served your way to suit individual tastes. With heat levels ranging from mid to firebrand, customers can satisfy their taste buds any way they’d like. In fact, Adam Richman of Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” took on is Joe Rogers’ Firebrand chili challenge back in 2009.

Another well-known chili spot in Springfield is Joe’s Chili Bowl, a counter-service-only spot that also provides patrons with a range of spice options. What makes Joe’s Chili Bowl a true standout are the locally-made Art’s tamales served with the famous chili. The chili and tamale combination results in a mouth-watering explosion of flavor.

A trip on Central Illinois Chili Trail is not complete without a visit to Paul’s Confectionery in Decatur. The bustling chili destination has been a town favorite since 1945. The recipe dates back to 1924 and takes three days to complete one batch of the meaty perfection.

Click here to view a complete list of locations. Try one or visit all stops! When you’ve had your fill, tell us what chili bowl is your favorite. To learn about great attractions to visit while in the Springfield area, visit EnjoyIllinois.com.

–The Illinois Office of Tourism

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