4 Summer Adventures to Experience in Great Rivers Country

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    4 Reasons Why your Friends Will Love Exploring Makanda this Summer

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1 Tractor

A Tractor Adventure

What is a tractor adventure, as you can guess, it involves tractors.   June 8, begins the 4 day adventure with a tractor ride, combining vintage farm tractors and displays with a historic ride, entertainment, and great food. I am excited …

3 the farmers are coming


It’s that time of year again.  The local farmers market is sprouting near you.   Small farm operator’s benefit from these farmers markets (94 percent of all farms).  Luck for us, Illinois ranks amongst the top states in Agriculture.  Did you …

4 the original hodgson water mill

Civil War Mill in Illinois

When one thinks about baking…we don’t normally concern ourselves with where to purchase flour.  Our local grocer has abundance as well as quite a few varieties.  But Illinois has Hodgson Mill still operating since the Civil War.   5th generation is …

5 are we there yet


Do you need help planning a summer vacation? The summer season will be here before you know it and the kids will soon be asking you “Are we there yet?” Forgo the car and go for a train ride; sit back …