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Audrey taking a fun and safe road trip!

Summer is finally here! And just because you’re eager to get out, enjoy the weather and have some fun, doesn’t mean you need to leave your dog behind. Whether you’re a long time resident or planning on visiting Illinois this summer, there’s no reason why your dog needs to miss out on all the warm-weather excitement!

Chicago offers many dog friendly areas and parks around the city. Check out Chicago Park District’s website to see a list of dog friendly areas and also other important information about traveling with your dog in the city. Something to make note of is that any dog in the dog park needs a permit before entering.

Even if you’re looking for a day of relaxing on the beach, you don’t need to leave your dog at home. Chicago’s got you covered with several beaches around the city including Montrose Dog Beach. This beach comes highly recommended by my best friend who often brings her Weimaraners there. It’s a large fenced-in beach where both dogs and their owners  are free to go in the water.

It’s not only Chicago that has all the dog attractions. The rest of Illinois has great parks geared towards your pooch. is a helpful websites that lists all the dog parks in each city in Illinois. The site also lists operating hours of the park, who manages the park and other helpful notes.

I love the Greene Valley Forest Preserve Dog Park in Naperville. Surrounded by the forest preserve, this park is always filled with dog lovers and their pets playing catch in the open field and enjoying the beautiful scenery. There is a separate fenced in area for smaller dogs which is a wonderful idea to keep the little ones safe. is another informative website that includes listings of accommodations, attractions, stores and parks all meant for dogs.

Here are some helpful travel tips for traveling with dogs:

  • Have your dog visit the vet for a check-up and to make sure all shots are up-to-date.
  • Prepare dogs for long car trips by taking them for rides in the car before you venture off on your actual trip.
  • Make sure the information on the collar is current  with your cell phone and local information incase your furry friend escapes. Having recent photos on hand is important so if your pet is lost, you can ask people if they’ve seen it. Consider putting a microchip in your dog as well.
  • Keep the car well ventilated, and make frequent stops for your dog to move around.

List of things to bring:

plenty of water!




waste scoop

bags to dispose waste

grooming supplies

any medication

pet first-aid kit

toys and pillows

list of vaccination

  • Never leave your dog in the car unattended! Even if it is just for a little while or it seems cool outside, cars heat up fast. Dogs are easily susceptible to heat stroke.

The AKC offers several more important tips on specifically caring for your dog during the summer months.

Feel free to comment on any tips for traveling with dogs or any places worth checking out in Illinois!

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