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Those looking to take their tongue out for a treat need look no further than a relatively small town nestled in southwest Cook County.

In Lemont resides the heavyweight champion of hard-hitting, perfectly seasoned fries.  Lemon Tree’s butter garlic fries (known as BGs to the locals) will redefine the way you think about thin strips of deep fried potatoes.  Simply put, these are serious fries, folks.  That’s why I can’t just go around recommending BGs to everyone.   If the following statements apply to you, you’re probably not mentally, emotionally or physically prepared for the BGs experience.

  • You consider the idea of taking a shower in garlic sauce to be “gross”
  • Grease isn’t appealing to you
  • You  plan on opening your mouth around humans within 48 hours upon ingestion of BGs
  • You’re nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant
  • You’ve never wrestled to a draw or better against an adult grizzly bear

If you can get past these small obstacles, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded because Lemon Tree’s BGs will toss your tongue into a ring of flavor and tee off on your taste buds for all 12 rounds.

Savory butter garlic fries lie waiting for you in this cozy building

Savory butter garlic fries lie waiting for you in this cozy building

No joke; they’re fantastic.  Most times when you order fries, there are the five or six all-stars that taste worlds better than the rest – not the case with BGs.  Each BG is just as delicious as the next.  And if you do find a neglected fry that hasn’t been properly seasoned/soaked in BG glory, it’s okay.  At the bottom of each paper container you’ll find a pool of BG juice to appropriately dress your naked fry.  Dynamite.

Well, I hope I didn’t undersell Lemon Tree’s renowned BGs.  If I did, please don’t let it dissuade you from trying them.  If you’re ever traveling on I-55 to or from Chicago and the south exit for Lemont pops into view, take it.  Lemon Tree won’t be hard to find from there.  You’ll know you’re heading in the right direction if you begin hearing a faint melody coming from your mouth (likely to be a 65-piece orchestra your taste buds put together in anticipation for the defining moment of their existence).  Or you can just look it up on Google Maps (1035 State Street).

Have you had the BGs yet?  If not, where’s your favorite place for fries?

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4 thoughts on “Butter Garlic Glory”

  1. Wow. I’m gonna get me some of those fries. And with all that garlic I won’t have to worry about vampires for the rest of the year.

    1. Yeah, it’s nice being able to just relax and enjoy the holidays rather than concern yourself with best practices for vampire safety.

  2. Oh my God, yes. And it’s not even like they give you a contaier that can hold the grease, it’s just that sad paper bag with the potato man on it. It’s like he’s saying, “Yeaahhhhh boy I hope you made the mistake of ordering these on a date.”

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